17 Jun 2013

 I want to get back to using paints again when I design and less of the computer. I will be doing that this week. Below are some designs done on my computer taking inspiration from the solar system and parties- so it's the universe having a party!

15 Jun 2013

Two things I love are music and art. So I thought I'd combine these together and make collages based on songs. Now I've taken the collages and made patterns from them. The songs I based the collages on are 'The sleeping red wolves' by Sufjan Stevens, 'Cosmic concerto' by Bill Fay and 'Iceblink Luck' by The Cocteau Twins - they are in that order below.

This was intended to be a repeat pattern but it failed to repeat- my working out went wrong. So here it is as an improvised piece with magenta hills and cacti to fill in the gaps. I like it as it is in its failed state.