23 Sep 2015

These are just rough ideas for patterns-showing my workings out here. Hope you enjoy - happy autumn :)

21 Jun 2015

Still making new paintings but ideas are moving fast so it all keeps changing.

And today I revisited an old project I have of making painting machines- these are watercolour on paper. I'm making an archive of these so when i'm old i'll have hundreds of these invented things. I'd quite like to make a book with them all in in the future.

New sketches for patterns also.

7 Jun 2015

Working on rough ideas for printed silk designs.

A sunny afternoon spent on gimp image editor- not refined but still I like these a lot as pattern design ideas. 

2 Apr 2015

18 Jan 2015

Beaty Heart - Banana Bread

Pattern in music videos must be a thing now. I'm gonna post music videos here whenever I come across patterns in them. Hope you enjoy XXX

17 Jan 2015

I made a cushion for my friend Mark Hearld's birthday. One side is applique and embroidery on printed Kente fabric and the other side is calico with butterflies drawn with fabric pens. It was fun to make!  

As a reaction against many bland patterns I see being produced here is a new pattern called "Revolt".